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water covering the floor of a warehouse

Getting You Back in Business Quickly

When water damage strikes your business, we know that lost time is money lost.

SERVPRO of Ennis / Red Oak was called to a commercial warehouse flood, and worked quickly to extract the water, dry out the facility, and get the property back in business with minimal interruption to operation.

drying equipment in use to dry spaces behind wall

Drying Behind Drywall

Whenever possible, we try to save our customers time, hassle, and money. We have equipment that can measure the extent of water damage, and we can decide from there what steps are necessary to remediate it. In this instance, we were able to cut holes in the drywall behind the baseboards, and inject air behind it so it would dry without us having to tear it out.

ceiling vent covered in smoke and soot from fire damage

Air Duct Cleaning

In addition to restoration of property and belongings, SERVPRO of Ennis / Red Oak is equipped to clean the interior of air ducts, to remove general dust from regular use, or the residue of smoke and soot from the aftermath of a fire.

two employees standing next to an esporta machine


The esporta machine is a soft contents recovery system. It not only cleans, but decontaminates contents, removing bacteria, odor, viruses, soot, grime, and other undesirable things from items such as stuffed animals, clothes, and linens. SERVPRO of Ennis / Red Oak has one of their own state of the art esporta machines, and we use it to help restore our customers' belongings to them in pre-damage condition.

employee using a carpet cleaner to clean rugs laid out on the floor

We Clean Rugs!

SERVPRO of Ennis / Red Oak is capable of extracting smoke, water, and mold from damaged textiles. We aim to restore when possible; regardless of the type of loss you experience (fire, water, storm, or mold), we have the equipment needed to remove the damage.